Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Owl Cake

I was given free reign on designing a cake for a friend's baby shower.  While brainstorming ideas, I thought an owl might be fun... I think I was right!  I love how this little guy turned out!

I used an Old Fashioned Chocolate Frosting recipe from Our Best Bites to cover the cake (the cake was from them too... you just can't go wrong there!).  I thought about doing fondant for the decoration, but procrastinated long enough to make buttercream the choice for me.  I really like it better anyway, though.  And it turned out so perfect!  I mean, aside from the smudges of chocolate surrounding the bottom, of course.

My first linky!

Baby Owl T-Shirt

I love little owls.  My baby boy was given this cute onesie, but somehow it got a hole right in the middle of the belly.  

Never fear, this cute little woodland friend came to the rescue.  Kind of makes me glad that it got a hole, its so much more fun this way!