Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fearlessly Finding Awesome

Do you have blogs that you just adore, even though you don't actually know the person who writes it?  Well, Vintage Revivals is one such blog for me.  Mandi is one of the coolest people I don't know. :)  So honest, so brave, super funny, and so flippin' creative its insane!  Well, she has started a club called FFA (Fearlessly Finding Awesome) and she's just so great that who wouldn't want to be in a club with her?

So for the first challenge of said club Mandi has issued the Catch A Dream challenge.  To write about my personality traits, what I like about myself, what I want my home to feel like... so here goes.

I am an outgoing person, I love to meet new people and take on new adventures.  I really like being active, outside, in the beauty of the earth.  That being said, I also really love to sit down and read a book or watch TV with my hubby.  I think people matter most to me.

The feeling I hope others feel when in my home is comfort.  I'd like my home to be a happy place where my family and friends can relax and enjoy time together.  I'd like for my house to be the cool house where my kids will bring their friends to hang out.  Comfy, relaxing, happy.

Vintage Revivals


  1. I love the fun vibe of your blog with the background image and the font!

  2. good idea thinking ahead to where you want your kiddos to want to be. cute blog!

  3. I enjoyed your post. Go FFA!

  4. That was exactly what I wanted our home to be. And for the most part I think that dad & I succeeded in creating just such a home. We really enjoyed our children and their friends. Now we are really enjoying our children, grandchildren, our children's friends and their children. It is wonderful.

    Love Mom