Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bright Log Cabin Crib Size Quilt

Remember how I made this pillow for my daughter using the log cabin quilt pattern? Well I decided to go crazy and make a crib size quilt for my sweet baby boy. I chose my fabric... I love all the bright happy colors!

Then I pieced my top together in a fun, bright non-traditional log cabin pattern... adding long strips to the ends to get it to the size I wanted. Then finally I quilted it. I attempted doing it by hand, but quickly gave up and did it on my machine. I love how it turned out.
Its interesting though, it looks completely different to me in the pictures than in real life. I see all the little pieces looking at it in person, rather than the big picture/pattern. I'm happy to say that I like it both ways. Do you think baby boy will like it?

Funny side story... I used a sating edge because my daughter loves her satin edging on her blanket so much I hoped it would make baby boy love this one. Well, when I laid the quilt out to take pictures, my daughter just went around the entire edge softly petting the satin. It was so sweet!

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